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ANN PETERS GLOBAL - Uniting the world through our services.




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  • Registration

    This Company was established in August 2007 and was registered and corporate on 18th April 2008 in Lagos Nigeria with Registration Number of RC.742410.

  • Scope Models

    Competitive Advantages/Business Models:
    Our business philosophy and culture is based on services. Conveniences and value because our center are located in high-traffic retail locations, they are fully support today’s busy lifestyle. By combining a modern attractive stores design with outstanding customer services, we have create a shopping experience that is unparallel in the industry with over four Locations nation wide for that REASON.

    This company came into existence through the parents companies-ANN GOD PETERS NIGERIA ENTERPRISES LTD (Corporate 2001) AND ANN IN GODS ARMS VENTURES (Established February 2007 and Corporate FEB.2008), who are the Principals, Functional and Sponsors companies that made its existence possible. For that reason is   A DIVISION OF THE SAID COMPANIES respectively. This company was established to meet INTERNATIONAL BUSSINESS DEMAND as it has grown to sort for international business opportunity through its Parents companies support which lack few qualities that made it qualified for the International requirements. To meet such requirements; the company was registered to operate on such umbrella such as MASTER AND OTHER FRANCHISE CATEGORIES AND ANY OTHER SALES THAT RELATED TO GLOBAL BUSSINESS DEVELOPMENT.
    Our Reputation - your peace-of-mind. Hard working, high motivated and a very high strong zeal.

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    Company Trait
    Hardworking, high motivated and a very high strong zeal.

    This Company was made to be so as to be able to access Global Market in any field, any Business and Career on which my Article of Memorandum specified.

    Our affiliate, Ann God Peters Nigeria Limited is the pillar of this company whose mainly purpose is to get international attention through franchises attention and built up its reality in Nigeria for the purpose to reach goal, result and profit oriented.