Uniting the world through services

Creating profit and success

This company with its help of its objective which based on bring foreign investor through franchise to nigeria market for investment for the purpose of creating success and profit oriented. We have been able to get attention from: • Mobil Afficehe France • Quick Stop Solution Canada • World wide Maths Mexico • Mars Venus United State of America • Action Coach Luxembory • Alterance Lativia

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Eradicating Unemployment and Poverty

The company is solely into result and profit oriented through local and international attention. This also based on eradicating unemployment and poverty in the world as we are made to stay and create ever lasting relationship in the world global market.

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We strive to raise the quality of life

  • We are honest team committed, passionate, professionals who strive to raise the quality of life and the level of performance of ourselves, our team, client and all those we the ability to impact. We are an inspirational team of leaders who in every way embodied the ANN PETER’S GLOBAL CULTURE.
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• Successfully creates internal and external communication programs

Good enough and average is not an option.

  • Strong desire of excellence, good human and material resources management and team player.
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Experts in global franchise Uniting the world Committed & merit-driven Successful programs Excellence
ANN PETERS GLOBAL - Uniting the world through our services.
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A passion to succeed and understanding customer services

The Company was established under IHEANACHOR CHINYERE HANNAH (MRS.) MANAGITERIAL POSITION, who is the PRESIDENT/CEO, A B.SC HOLDER IN ECONOMICS/POLITICAL SCIENCES (University of Nigeria Nsukka Enugu State Nigeria-1999), DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER SCIENCES (Dickson Computer School Aba Abia State Nigeria-2000), DIPLOMA IN COMMUNITY HEALTH PRACTIONER-CHP (School Of Health Technology Aba Abia State Nigeria-1994) AND TRAINING AND COACHING-2007.

  • Franchising

    To carry out recruiting outfit for corporate Organization...

  • Consultant

    To support and subscribe to any charitable or public object instructions, society or club which may be for the benefit of the company or its employee...

  • Logistics/Training/Coaching

    Engage in Training/coaching of any types and any bodies, like companies, organization, individuals, families, churches, clubs, hotel, villages, communities, urban e.t.c.

  • Education/Communication

    To carry the business of communications, telecommunications and I.T services like GSM, HANDSETS and in regard to design, install, maintain and operate for and on behalf of any...

  • I.T/Networking

    To carry out on business of procumbent, supplies, installations, repairing supply and maintenance of all kinds and types of computers, hybrid computers or otherwise and to do likewise in respect of other...

  • Marble/Ceramic works

  • Physical Fitness Care/Physiotherapy

  • Objectives

    To carry out recruiting outfit for corporate organization.

  • Vision/Mission

    We are honest team committed, passionate, professionals who strive to raise the quality of life and the level of performance of ourselves, our team, client and all those we the ability to impact.

  • Scope Extension

    • Team Building, peak performance
    • Management and Leadership
    • The Next level of goal Achievement
    • Behavioral and Cultural Changes

  • Clients

    Whether they are individuals, corporations, or individuals within corporations will have a desire to have us help them as they learn, grow and change.

  • Affiliate

    Our affiliate, Ann God Peters Nigeria Limited is the pillar of this company whose mainly purpose is to get international attention through franchises attention and built up its reality in Nigeria.

  • Industry Trends

    The proliferation of dual income facilities and small business and a growing mobile workshop has created tremendous demand for our company’s services.

British-Columbia Registered company: Ann Peters Global Concept BC Ltd BC0944709

Ann Peters Global Concept Ltd

NOTHING stays the same

Change is the one true constant in life. It has no boundaries, it challenges us all and it frightens many of us. But without change life is static - we cannot grow and we cannot learn. There is no progress and we will not evolve.

Member USA Embassy of Nigeria Commercial Department.

Our business philosophy and culture is based on services.

Competitives Advantages/Business Models

Our business philosophy and culture is based on services, conveniences and value because our center are located in high-traffic retail locations, they are fully support today’s busy lifestyle.

Outstanding customer services

By combining a modern attractive stores design with outstanding customer services, we have created a shopping experience that is unparallel in the industry with over four locations nation wide.


This company came into existence through the parents companies-ANN GOD PETERS NIGERIA ENTERPRISES LTD (incorporated 2001) and ANN IN GODS ARMS VENTURES (Established February 2007 and incorporated Feb 2008).

Meeting International Business Demands

And so we were establised. We have grown to sort for international business opportunity through its parents companies support which lack few qualities that made it qualified for the International requirements.

Global Business Development

To meet these requirements; the company was registered to operate on such umbrella such as MASTER AND OTHER FRANCHISE CATEGORIES AND ANY OTHER SALES THAT RELATED TO GLOBAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

Universal Global Market Access

This Company was made to be so as to be able to access the global market in any field, any Business and Career on which the Article of Memorandum specified.

Familiarising with federal and state laws and regulations

There are no specific to the industry in which the franchised or operates, however, it is through familiarising with federal and state laws and regulations for the proposed business idea.