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About Us

Nothing stays the same. Change is the one true constant in life. It has no boundaries, it challenges us all and it frightens many of us. But without change life is static - we cannot grow and we cannot learn. There is no progress and we will not evolve. But change is often challenging, so embracing change takes courage.


  • Objectives

    • Consultant
    • Logistics/ Training/ Coaching
    • Education/ Communication
    • I.T/ Networking
    • Marble/ Ceramics works
    • Physical fitness care/ Physiotherapy

  • Vision/Mission

    Global quality of life through personal and professional re-education. We are honest team committed, passionate, professionals who strive to raise the quality of life and the level of performance of ourselves, our team, client and all those we the ability to impact. We are an inspirational team of leaders who in every way embodied the ANN PETER’S GLOBAL CULTURE.
    We are in the business of helping people improve themselves.
    We coach and re-educate people in the life aspect of: Communication, relationship, Parenting, personal developments, goal achievement, Health and lifestyle and financial success.

  • Scope Extension

    With corporation and teams we extend that to also work on:
    Team Building, peak performance
    Management and Leadership
    The Next level of goal Achievement
    Behavioral and Cultural Changes
    Gender and Corporate Communication..

  • Clients

    Whether they are individuals, corporations, or individuals within corporations will have a desire to have us help them as they learn, grow and change.

    They are forward thinking, positive, passionate, A-Plus clients whoa are dedicated to their own success.

    Our clients are as passionate about our company as we are; making them our greatest advocates.

  • Affiliate

    This Company was made to be so as to be able to access Global Market in any field, any Business and Career on which my Article of Memorandum specified.

    Our affiliate, Ann God Peters Nigeria Limited is the pillar of this company whose mainly purpose is to get international attention through franchises attention and built up its reality in Nigeria for the purpose to reach goal, result and profit oriented.

  • Industry Trends

    The proliferation of dual income facilities, and small business and a growing mobile workshop has created tremendous demand for our Company’s services over 90% of ALL SMALL BUSSINES today has fewer than 17 Employees. They are targeted customer based. All Industry indicators continue to point to the fact that the growth of small business isn’t just a trend but A DYNAMIC CHANGE IN THE WAY OF PEOPLE WILL EARN THEIR INCOME IN THE FUTURE.